Every now and then you hear an inspiring story like Charlie’s that moves you to action.  That’s exactly what this testimony should do.  According to MoveForwardPT’s website, Charlie didn’t start running until he was 55. Now 73, he’s completed 50+ marathons and 8 Ironman triathlons … with help from his physical therapists.  He describes the knee pain from torn meniscus’ and his rotator cuff injury and even the spinal degeneration that’s nearly caused him to quit running.  Charlie has chosen to keep moving to deal with the injuries and pain; check out his testimony in this video from MoveForwardPT’s campaign:


At 73, Charlie is still accomplishing his goals with the help of Physical Therapy.  If you have the desire to move better, experience less pain, and accomplish goals you thought were impossible, contact one of our physical therapists at our Williamston or Plymouth location to see how we can help you MoveFoward with the help of PT!