These days, it’s hard to find care that gives you the kind of one on one attention you deserve.  Very rarely do you spend much face to face time with the one building your care plan, let alone actually get to have a conversation with them.

Many physical therapy clinics will utilize group therapy for patients with similar conditions, which in itself is not a bad idea.  But, here’s the thing…every patient is different in some way, so one group therapy plan may not be specialized enough to meet the needs of every patient in the group.

At Roanoke Therapy Services We Emphasize One on One Therapy.


You get to spend time with your PT, and you won’t be handed off to someone else.  You won’t be put into a group therapy session where the care you deserve is divided across 7 other people.

Williamston and Plymouth North Carolina have never seen a better physical therapy clinic where you can get this kind of personalized, one on one care.  Get what you deserve, this is your recovery and life we’re talking about.  Don’t put your health and rehabilitation into divided hands, come see us in Williamston or Plymouth today!