Ever gone to the doctors office, waited in the waiting room for close to an hour, and then only spent a few fleeting moments with your doctor or therapist?

Sadly…this is the story at most big box therapy clinics. ┬áRising healthcare costs, insurance premiums, and the state of the economy have sent healthcare institutions into a “herding” mentality where they fit as many patients into a single workday as possible, with the fewest physicians or therapists as possible, to maximize the amount of cashflow in a single day’s time.

We’re here to tell you that you won’t find that kind of rush at Roanoke Therapy Services.

Our Patients Spend 45 Minutes to an Hour With Their Physical Therapist!


You’ll spend quality time getting the proper care you need with one of our physical therapists each time you come in. ┬áNot to mention our physical therapy assistants that do an excellent job helping with exercises and even creating care plans.

Our focus is not to get you in and out as quick as possible…it’s to provide quality care – something that can’t be done in 10 minutes.

Join RTS in your journey to recovery and mobility and get the time and care you need from your physical therapist!